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The Immaculate Reception II (Framed) Framed and Double Matted 16" x 22" (11" x 16" Print) by Fred Carrow (Signed)
Prints Available In Store

The Immaculate Reception II (Framed)

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Framed and Double Matted 16" x 22" (11" x 16" Print) by Fred Carrow (Signed) Prints Available In Store

Product Detail:

A Light Hearted Snapshot of the 75th Anniversary Tailgating Team 
by Fred Carrow 
"They were all there, all 33 members of the Pittsburgh 75th Anniversary Tailgating Team, along with some very special friends, at the pre-game party just outside of Heinz Field. The reunion committee concluded the party would be held on the official site of the most spectacular play in all of football, Franco Harris's Immaculate Reception. Three Rivers Stadium, now a fading memory, has become a parking lot and provided the perfect location for the divine engagement of Pittsburgh's All-Star elite. The party was in full swing and everything was going smoothly. Dan Rooney was busy grilling everyone's favorite meat, Hank Williams Jr. was kicking out the jams, and everybody seemed to be enjoying each other's company and doing?well, what Pittsburgh tailgaters do. Myron Cope and a few friends were having a great time playing that ping-pong game, Jerome Bettis and Carnell Lake were in charge of the beanbag toss and Benny Cunningham was busy hanging the team banner on the black and gold customized camper. They were only a couple hours away from game time when a masked man wearing a "modified" Pirates sweatshirt wandered into the mix. At first glance one would assume he was just another typical Steeler fan looking to join in on the festive atmosphere, why heck, he even had a Primanti Sandwich in one hand and a bottle of Iron City Beer in the other. It was Jack Lambert who first grew suspicious of this odd looking character. Why was he wearing a headset and carrying a camcorder? Why was he wearing those red socks? And why was he wearing that Steeler mask on such a hot day? Then he saw it?.a Patriots logo tattooed on his leg! This was not a trusted Pittsburgh fan at all, in fact, this was some sort of low life mole who had slipped by security and crashed the party in order to film highly guarded tailgating secrets! Lambert quickly points out the perpetrator to Joey "The Pitt-Bull" Porter who wastes no time in pouncing on him. He rips the mask from his face and discovers that it is none other than good ole Bill Bellicheat! (Turns out that "Pirate" shirt fit him perfectly!) Joey quickly upends the thief as he fumbles away the Iron City Beer and Primanti Sandwich. Now, as all Steeler fans know, these items are highly revered in Pittsburgh and should never ever come in contact with the ground. Lynn Swann, in true Super Bowl fashion, makes a tumbling catch and saves the beer from shattering on the pavement and Franco Harris, never breaking his stride, makes a shoestring catch on the sandwich before it could splatter all over his memorial star. On December 23rd, 1972 the Chief was on an elevator and did not get to witness the first Immaculate Reception. He was in just the right spot this time and was not about to miss the second greatest catch of all time! Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go! " - Fred Carrow

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Finished Size: 39" wide by 13" tall